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Welcome to Sonopacks!

We bring you 100% royalty free
originals sound loops, samples, construction kits, soundsets and presets for great VSTi synths
like Diva, Serum, TAL-U-No-LX, Spire or Sylenth1!

Our packs are extra made for all the music producers and DJs who are creating and playing
the 80’s retro synth and the modern electro styles:



retrowave presets diva synth sounds loops construction kits synthwave

“Retrowave Impact vol.1” is a new sample pack for the VST synth Diva,
featuring synthwave synths loops and retrowave beats.
This pack is made for music producers who want to create and play
Retrowave, Synthwave, EDM or Vaporwave music.

Bass presets for Spire VST synth

“Bass Presets for Spire” is pack of 100 bass presets for the amazing modern VST synth Spire.
This is perfect to create and play EDM, Trance, Dance, Retrowave, Synthwave, Vaporwave or Cyberpunk music.

Snares kicks synthwave music

“Synthwave Snares and Kicks” contains
425 snares and kicks
drums hits samples!
This pack is made to produce Synthwave, Retrowave, EDM
Synthpop electro retro beats.


Find here some best-sellers packs of construction kits, loops, samples and synth presets to produce and play retro-modern electro music like synthwave, retrowave, synthpop and EDM

loops synths presets synthwave retrowave

Acces to our shop to find all our packs of loops constructions kits, synth presets (Serum, Spire, Diva, Tal U-No-LX, Sylenth1…)
and instruments samples extra made to produce and play
your favorite music styles like synthpop, retrowave, synthwave, vaporwave and EDM.